Saturday, November 29, 2008

People should be allowed to make stupid mistakes

I was thrilled today to hear on PEI will not be passing any cell phone driving legislation any time soon. I was not so thrilled to read in the Cadre, the monthly UPEI paper, about why they put up the $190,000 iron fence. It was to protect pedestrians. It was to protect people from willfully choosing to jaywalk.

When you are given power over people it is tempting to try to make them appear smart by taking away stupid choices. Perhaps Randy Pauche put it best:

"The only way to get good judgment is with experience. And the only way to get experience is with bad judgment."

Protecting people from bad choices is a short term gain for a long term loss. Robbing people of experience is not good leadership.

1 comment:

  1. I don't agree with the pricey fence solution, but a solution needs to be found. I agree with letting people make stupid mistakes, natural selection ftw. But just cause someone dies, doesn't mean someone who lives paycheque to paycheque deserves to have their only means of transportation to work damaged and possibly rendered unsafe(and thus illegal to drive). Insurance doesn't cover a person going through your windshield.

    So people should be allowed to make stupid mistakes, but when their mistakes affect other people, then there would have to be laws in place, then you would have jails full of stupid people who can't make anymore mistakes and that we are all paying for and blah blah

    *rant over*