Friday, October 24, 2008

Optimizing behavior - Revisited

Follow up on The Scourge of Optimizing Behavior

I got the number. I wanted to know the minimum score I would need on my final paper to get a 'P' in my SSP program.

The final mark is calculated like this:

Final Mark = 75%X(Class work) + 25%X(Final Paper)

If this is higher than 60% I get a 'P' on my transcript, rather than an 'F'. The final mark is never published.

So if I set the final mark to 60% we get:

.6 = .75C + .25P

Isolating P we get:

P = 2.4 - 3C

My instructor tells me my class work is between 85% and 90%. Let's take the worst case scenario of 85%. Sub .85 for C:

P = 2.4 - 3(.85)
P = -.15 = -15%!

That's right! I would have to get minus 15% on my final paper to be switched from a P to an F on my transcript.

This is the information the instructor was trying to keep from me. And I see why. Most school work is meaningless enough working for a grade, but to not even be working for a grade would just be foolish.

But the assignment is MANDATORY, so I will be sure to hand in a sheet of paper with something scribbled on it.

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