Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Coleman suspends negative ads before debate

Obama has been pulling ahead in the polls. ERIC BLACK puts Obama's lead somewhere between commanding and dominating. Real clear politics puts the count at 313-158-67 (read: Obama-McCain-Toss Up).

Franken v. Coleman v. Barkley hotter than ever. The advertisement violence between Franken and Coleman has left their names worse for the ware, though Coleman committed recently to suspend his negative ads. But Barkley has not engaged in any of it. His name is intact and is now polling at 14%. The Barkley campaign knows that these numbers don't mean so much for third party candidates as they face down the 'wasted ballot' syndrome. As respondents who like a third party over the phone may vote for a major party candidate to protect their interests. Barkley suggests this behavior becomes far less once a third party candidate reaches the 25% mark.

All three candidates participated in the race's second debate, held on Sunday, Oct 12. No clear winner has emerged. Reports suggest Barkley held Coleman responsible for the economic meltdown, as it happened on his watch.

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