Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When the elephants come to town

Minneapolis paper City Pages requested readers send in cartoons about the RNC under the heading "When the elephants come to town". This entry stands out:

See more here.

It looks like it has been a rocky senate campaign. Minneapolis Star-Tribune now reports Franken(D) within 4 points of Coleman(R). Independence Party candidateDean Barkley is at a steady 13%.

Both Republican and DFL primaries were held on September 9. Coleman won his party nomination with 91% of the vote. Franken only won his nomination with 65% of the vote. Coleman has been trying to scoop up the remainder of the democratic voters, but has not yet been able to get a commanding lead with this strategy. Possibly because there were actually more ballots cast for Franken (164,136) than for Coleman (130,973).

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