Thursday, July 3, 2008

How to know when the government isn't doing enough

When farms go under
Farmers are doing the best that they can. They are coming on hard times and they need the government to help them see it through. It is not the farmer's fault if their farm is financially unstable. Farmers have a right to earn a living just like everybody else. When a farm doesn’t provide a living for a farmer it is the government’s job to step in. Government is supposed to stand up and say, ‘You are a good farmer. It is the market that is bad. We will help you until the market smartens up.’

When people steal gas
Gas prices are too high, gas attendants are unprotected, and store owners are losing money. A BC gas attendant was dragged to death chasing down a gas thief. BC has since put in place a law requiring customers to pay before they pump to protect gas attendants. But PEI gas attendants are still at risk. On PEI customers do not have to pay before they pump and that is the government's failing.

At the plea of consumers the government has flatly refused to lower the gas tax fuelling the theft. The high gas tax lowers demand for gas and increased theft, both of which adversely affect profits of gas station owners. They should not allow the government to treat them this way. The government should promptly impose mandatory pump-then-pay legislation and lower gas tax.

When tuition costs spiral out of control
Education is priceless. Education is the only way to get job offers in Toronto, and the only way to be able to tell other people what to do. It is not fair that it's so expensive. Students have to go to school if they are going to be successful, and the government needs to help them do that. Students can only pay so much. Minimum wage helps but tuition is still expensive.

And how is UPEI supposed to pay for more new buildings without more money? They can’t. UPEI isn't going to get more money from students so it will have to get the money from the government.

When you can't earn a living
Everybody deserves to make a living. But not everybody can produce enough to live. Hello government! When people don’t make enough money to live the government should give them more. Or even better, the government should tell employers to give them more.

People just entering the workforce, like high school students, usually don’t need to depend on wages to live but they benefit from minimum wage too. They make more than they would if there was no minimum wage. That is like free money. Free money is good.

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