Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to UPEI

I can hardly believe it. Today I took in my first university class in over 2 years. Yes, I am back at UPEI after this, and this, and this. I don't know exactly what it means that I am back. Mainly I would think it means I have learned how to use it more wisely, and its need is more important.

That is to say I am trying to exploit the things that UPEI and I agree on, and I have found an end that I have found an end for which I am willing to be subjected to the modern torture mechanism known as formal education.

I would like to be a teacher. What age, I don't know yet. What subject, same deal. Rather I'll take what I can get.

So I am currently pursuing a BA in political studies. I'm flirting with the idea of a dual minor in math and economics. Then a post BA in education. There are still more people to talk to before it all gets inked.


  1. while i doubt that such a decision was made lightly, i really hope it works out for you!
    you have a lot of knowledge, and an insane ability to process what you take in. i'm glad you've decided to share it on a "grander" scale.
    if you can call a classroom that.

    or, you know. good luck and stuffs?

  2. There is somebody who thinks almost as much of me as I do. lol. And I still remember this.

    That is to say "Thank you Moe." And I have great respect for what can go on in a class room. A great few have shown me its awesome potential.

    Happy '08.