Friday, December 21, 2007

Trust Chaining

I might finally get a chance to use it. Trust Chaining is an idea I had a few years ago during my West Wing phase. I was big on political theory, governance and public policy.

One of the things that didn't make sense to me was why people wouldn't vote. I knew so many people who told me they didn't vote but couldn't give me a reason as to why. Out of frustration I said 'If you're not going to use your vote, do you mind if I do?' And there it was born.

The idea is to let people vote for anybody they want. When I vote for you, you then are given the power of my vote, and all others that voted for you. As each person votes for somebody they trust that is slightly more informed than they were, there is a chain created from the people to an informed decision that reflects their interests.

I know you are squeamish about the idea. So is everybody else. Until they consider themselves having to be represented by somebody they don't know, rather than somebody they have a long trusting history with.

And since you asked, no I am not so naive to think there aren't a few technical issues. I'm sure you can think of a few. I have a plan for all that I have thought of and all that have been brought to my attention. There are a lot, and I won't get into them now.

I would really like to see it put into action. Most know that there is a need for something a little more nuanced than what we currently use to make collective decisions. I would really like to see how Trust Chaining stacks up against other solutions.


  1. Do I get to know who you are supportive voice from my past?