Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FreeCell Game 4

FreeCell MetaPost

Stack kc to 9c <===== Objective
---------- <===== Hints
Bank 4s <===== End State
Cards left 50

Stack Qc -> Jh -> 10s -> 9h -> 8s -> 7d
Bank empty
Cards left 49

Clear column 7
Bank Qh

Stack Ks to 8h
Use col 3
Bank 9s 6d
Cards left 48

Stack Kc to 9s
Put Kc in col 7
Jd on Qs
Bank 8c
Cards left 47

Stack Ks to 3c
9d on 10c
Bank 4c

Stack Kd to 6s
Kh to col 4
Stack Kh to 3h
Bank 4c
Cards left 45

Clear col 5
Clear col 8

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