Saturday, November 3, 2007

FreeCell Game 2

FreeCell Meta Post

Stack col 2 Kh to 9d <===== Objective
10h -> 9s -> 8d <===== Hints
10s -> 9d
Bank Jc 5s <===== End State
Cards left: 50

Clear col 6
Bank 5s Jc 4h 6c
Cards left: 50

Stack col 6 6d to 3s
Bank Jc
Cards left: 50

Stack Col 2
Kh to 2c
Use 8s
Bank Jc
Cards left: 48

Stack col 1 Qd to 3s
Use 10d not 10h
Use 8d not 8h
Bank 4d
Cards left:48

Stack col 6 Ks to 8h
Bank Kc
Cards left: 48

Stack col 7 Kd to 7h
Bank Ks 5d
Cards left: 45

Clear col 4

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