Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Commitment Myths

1. "Are you committed or not?"
2. "My commitments are my decisions."
3. "Fear of commitment"

1. "Are you committed or not?"

Commitment is not binary. It is not a matter of yes or no, but to what degree. It is very difficult to get all of your resources pointed toward a certain outcome. Resources include your bank account, your reputation, your friends, your family, your body, your mind and perhaps others. So to the question of are you 100% committed, the answer is unbelievably likely no.

2. "My commitments are my decisions."

Yes, many commitments start as ideas and decisions. And some even start as your ideas and decisions. But not all.

Consider the company you work for was just bought out by Big Tobacco. Your commitments have just changed. That is not to say that this would be enough to make everyone loyal to Big Tobacco but, like it or not, this would align your interests with theirs. That is to say that it would now be better for you to protect Big Tobacco than it was before you started working for them.

Consider the following value chain. Your income has value. This gives your job value. And that gives you company value. All of which gives the preservation of that company and all that it depends on a value.

An interesting note is that you don't even have to know that you have been bought out to be newly committed. That is to say the above value chain is still valid even if you are not aware of its implications. You are committed to something without knowing it.

3. "Fear of commitment"

This is a contradiction of terms. Fear *is* a commitment. It may very well be fear, but it is not of commitment. For commitments are not created but transfered. We are all committed to something. The fear would be of the implications of the potential commitment, not of commitment itself.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FreeCell Game 4

FreeCell MetaPost

Stack kc to 9c <===== Objective
---------- <===== Hints
Bank 4s <===== End State
Cards left 50

Stack Qc -> Jh -> 10s -> 9h -> 8s -> 7d
Bank empty
Cards left 49

Clear column 7
Bank Qh

Stack Ks to 8h
Use col 3
Bank 9s 6d
Cards left 48

Stack Kc to 9s
Put Kc in col 7
Jd on Qs
Bank 8c
Cards left 47

Stack Ks to 3c
9d on 10c
Bank 4c

Stack Kd to 6s
Kh to col 4
Stack Kh to 3h
Bank 4c
Cards left 45

Clear col 5
Clear col 8

Saturday, November 3, 2007

FreeCell Game 3

FreeCell MetaPost

Clear col 5 <===== Objective
---------- <===== Hints
Bank 9h 6h Qs 6s <===== End State
Cards left: 49

Column 5 Stack Kd to 8c
4s -> 5h
Use 10s, 9h
Bank 6h 6s
Cards left: 48

Stack Qc to 9d
5s -> 6d -> 7s
9s -> 10d -> Jc -> Qh -> Ks
Bank 6d 6c 6s
Cards left: 45

Stack Kc to 2d
2d -> 3s

Clear col 8

Clean up

FreeCell Game 2

FreeCell Meta Post

Stack col 2 Kh to 9d <===== Objective
10h -> 9s -> 8d <===== Hints
10s -> 9d
Bank Jc 5s <===== End State
Cards left: 50

Clear col 6
Bank 5s Jc 4h 6c
Cards left: 50

Stack col 6 6d to 3s
Bank Jc
Cards left: 50

Stack Col 2
Kh to 2c
Use 8s
Bank Jc
Cards left: 48

Stack col 1 Qd to 3s
Use 10d not 10h
Use 8d not 8h
Bank 4d
Cards left:48

Stack col 6 Ks to 8h
Bank Kc
Cards left: 48

Stack col 7 Kd to 7h
Bank Ks 5d
Cards left: 45

Clear col 4

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Video Links

I have talked about them to enough people so I figure I might as well post them. Enjoy.


]|[ ArsDigita
This was an MIT program to offer free IT education to deserving students. It lasted one year. The lectures and course material are very good. Use this link to navigate the lectures and use this link to stream them. Not all courses are available for streaming.

]|[ MIT Course Lectures
Look for for complete video courses and for selected videos from the course.

]|[ Berkley Course Lectures
Note the drop down in the top right to switch between semesters going back to 2001, and the column on the right indicating video or audio.

]|[ WGBH Forums
Lecturers invited to speak to small classes around Boston. (The videos will load with a little persistence.)

]|[ TED Technology, Entertainment Design
Very slick site. The presentations are minimal but very sophisticated. Highly recommended.

]|[ MIT World
Presentations and forums on MIT. There is a lot of stuff here you won't want, but there is a lot of good stuff here too. Use the navigation drop downs, top right.


]|[ Fifth Estate
CBC => Click on "Web Feature", then the picture on the right to stream. Not all stories are available for stream.

]|[ Frontline
PBS => Slick site. Slick documentaries. American politics and economics.

]|[ Frontline World
PBS => Not as slick as the above. Use the drop down menu.

]|[ Nova
PBS => Science. Looks good, but navigation is not great.

]|[ EXPOSÉ America's Investigative Reports
PBS => Documentaries cataloging how big newspapers stories were cracked.


]|[ The CTV Broadband Network
This site has shows from CTV, MTV, CTV News, The Comedy Network, TSN and the Discovery Channel.

]|[ The Big Picture
CBC => Town hall discussions about documentaries.

]|[ The Hour
CBC => Culture and politics. Not slick, but earnest.


]|[ The National
CBC National News

]|[ CTV National News

]|[ Compass
CBC => PEI local news.

]|[ PEI Legislative Assembly Stream


]|[ Pause Music Videos
A bunch of music videos with a flash interface.

]|[ Smashing Telly
The best of full length features on the web. You can also get feeds for each category by typing 'feed' at the end of any category url.

]|[ Exposure
CBC => Independent short films and videos. There is no global feed but there is a feed for each tag. If you want to find them I suggest you use FireFox and click the RSS button in the address bar.

]|[ Zed
CBC => Independent short films and videos. This show is now discontinued, but the content is still very good.