Thursday, October 18, 2007

Google, Mail Bucket, et al.

My Email Management System uses the following services and a few more. This is how I have these services work together.

Google Customized Home Page
Google Reader
Google Reader Widget

Many of my feeds start as emails in my inbox that I find don't need a response. There were a lot of them. I had several hundered unread email in my inbox when I started doing this.

Identify a group of emails that are not spam but you don't want in your inbox. Use gmail's filter to forward the email to I typically archive the email and give it some label so that it remains searchable in gmail, but you can simply delete it if you wish.

All email that get sent to are now part of a (public) feed at I now import this feed into google's feed reader. Most of these feeds go to my info label in the reader.

Please note the MailBucket Feeds are updated every hour and will not appear in the feed right away. A list of the last ten emails are available at

On my google/ig home page (and it really is a page that feels like home) I add the google reader widget and set the label to info.

Now to trace this back:

The email is sent
It arrives at my gmail account
It gets forwarded to a mailbucket account
It gets converted to an RSS feed
The feed is picked up my google reader
The reader files the item under info
The info label is read by my google/ig widget

Among my feeds are


Volume Tracker helps with distortion

Volume Tracker:

The XP Volume Control (sndvol32.exe) has two bars that affect most of the sound that comes from my computer, the Main volume control and the Wave volume control.

With casual use I found that the highest distortion happened with Main low and Wave at max. And the least distortion when Main is at max regardless of where Wave stands. Unfortunately the main methods for accessing volume, buttons on laptops and convenient software controls, control Main.

There is a long term solution with:

Volume Tracker

Volume Tracker maps the Main setting to the Wave setting so they are always equal. (It can really be set to mirror any of the settings on your mixer if you wish.) This avoids the situation of having Wave very high, and Main very low, and limiting the amount of distortion you have to deal with.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


You: IQ tests are flawed.
Me: Why would you say that?
You:They only measure a thin slice of what intelligence is.
Me:You think they do mearsure that part reliably though?
Me:I would say IQ tests are good for something as long as you know its limits. You can't do your taxes with a hammer.