Saturday, March 10, 2007

In love with my potential

I've put a fair bit of attention lately into blogging. Researching hacks and fixes; cutting, pasting, writing code; planning, preparing, writing material.

In my labours I found out something. Not something shocking. Or even counter-intuitive for that matter. (But it is always good to work with empirical data.) I found that the successful blogs, those that were consumed and internalized, offered a service and were usually part of a community. I know, shocking, eh?

But slightly, only slightly, more shocking was that I found I had not raised myself to be someone who could offer a service in a community. And I think I would like to be such a person.

To offer a service you need to merge your identity and your work. I've never done this. To date asking me what I did for work was always a bad way to get to know me. It's been difficult to commit to a field, or a line, or even a job.

I hated specialization. Still do to some degree, but that is the transition. I've been in love with my potential like the miser who hoards his money dreaming of what he could do with it though never spending a penny.

In the reserves most most of the members at my level have pictures of them in uniform floating about. They post their rank tell the stories. I tend not to do that. To know I am in the reserves you would have to see the pile of gear in my basement or follow me around on a Thurday night. It feels like a small part of who I am. It's going to stay that way.

The other project I am working on could very well define me. I'm due to graduate from college in a few months. I can see myself being an administrative assistant, as opposed to doing the job of an administrative assistant. I can even thing of a few things I would like to do to encourage it. Maybe there is some work to be done before that happens...

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  1. I think I wrote three different things here trying to explain my stance on specialization but every time I reread it, it doesn't convey what I want to say. So I will just say that I tried to get involved in conversation but I stumped myself.