Friday, March 2, 2007

Great things (or: This isn't a post about video games)

Dave just got a Wii. But this isn't a post about video games. He has a few standard games for it, and though I am not a video game person I faired pretty well. So well that Dave felt the need to practice so that he could beat me. I don't quite understand that, but the thing is that has happened before. An entire group got together to practice to beat me in Tetris.

I told them both the same thing: "I'm glad I inspired you to excel at something, too bad it was gaming." The question that lingers in my head is why is it that console gaming is the place where people step up.

I excel at a certain types of challenges. A challenge where I can see the ideal and only have to consider a limited number of variables is a challenge I can usually meet. Like tetris. And yes, I suck at some of the more organic problems that are not so easily abstracted.

Of all the things both of these groups saw me excel at -math, tech, finance- why was video gaming the call to arms? How can I encourage people to do great things?

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