Monday, March 5, 2007

Bookmark management

Tidy your toolbar .

You really don't need any text to identify your links. You have two other tools that should do just fine, the tool tip (box that appears when you hover) and the icon. And really, once you learn a little trick all you need is the icon.

The icon for just won't load in the bookmarks bar. What can you do? Steal somebody else's. Find a site that has an icon you like and dragged the icon from the address bar to your bookmark bar. The icon won't manifest until you reload the page. Then copy the url from Right click the other bookmark and go to properties. Delete the name and the location, then paste the partypoker url into location.

Now you have an icon for your poker bookmark with no need for text taking up precious space.

Embrace the search bar

Eventually I will write an ode to the search bar, but until then I will suggest how it relates to bookmarks.

Firstly you get a web bookmarking account. The most acclaimed are delicious and google bookmarks. Then you add the related search plug-in to your search bar.
Now you have your very own personal customized search engine accessible where ever you go.

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