Friday, September 15, 2006

FreeCell MetaPost

I've heard of people embarking on projects to solve all off the Windows FreeCell games in sequence. As I did with Gridlock before I will start writing solutions for FreeCell games.

I will start at game 1 and stop whenever I feel like it. I will likely never make it to game 1M, the last in FreeCell v5.1. I am willing to accept help.

Solved Games:

000001 000002 000003 000004

Unsolvable Games:
011,982 || 146,692 || 186,216 || 455,889 || 495,505 || 512,118 || 517,776 || 781,948

Note: I couldn't find any proof that these games were unsolvable. They were demonstrated as unsolvable when several Freecell solving programs couldn't find a solution. Please leave a comment if you have a proof, know where to find one, can solve any of these games, or even can think of a way to rigorously prove a Freecell game is unsolvable.
Wikipedia - Freecell

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  1. i think there is only 1 that can not be solved. my mum came across it and spend DAYS on it. i forget what number it is though.

    ok well she didn't spend days on it. but it was awhile. a lot of cursing too.