Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Mamma, I'm comming.

Looks like I might get to see my mother. I haven't seen her since 1992. OMG, that is 14 years. And she hasn't seen me in 14 years. I sent her some grad photos and we talk on the phone some times but, yeah, it's not the same.

She lives in Saskatchewan. She has family there. My sister, Kim, and my brother, Craig, have both gone to see her. But neither I nor my other brother Wesley have gone to see her. We have never been big on travel. I can usually find enough wonder at home to keep me occupied.

The trip proposed so far has me and Wes following Kim to Sask as she then continues on to BC. She's done this trip a few times on her own so I know I'm in good hands. There are still some finer details to work out but I think I am going to get to see my mother.


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