Monday, April 17, 2006


Is there some rule against commenting that you disagree with an blog article? I've experiemented with it a little. In the most high profile instance an established blogger whom I regard rather highly pushed the limits of his expertise a little too far as to draw conclusion that would make sense if you only read his column, but otherwise felt very wrong. I wanted to be courteous about it so I wrote a one line comment that I disagreed with many of his conclusions.

I could have gone into specifics if I felt the need but I like to know efforts will be effective before I commit. I thought there was a small chance that I could be asked for specifics or further information of some kind. This didn't happen. I didn't get flamed or anything, what happened only seems like a small step up. His regular readers pumped the comment box full of uncritical praise. They would usually have something more to say than 'Oh, you are so wize.' It struck me as a little childish.

That is why this is such a big deal. Dita, of, has assumed the voice of the silent majority. I have spoken to enough people to know most of what I say is not easy to swallow. But you might never know it reading comments.

My greatest hope would be that this is a small step toward meaningful debate in the blog-o-sphere.



  1. I'm very often the voice of the silent majority.

  2. Consider this place your own mini-soap box. If I open the can I should be prepared for what comes out.

    I was telling another earlier I like hearing objections. It keeps me from thinking that what I believe is the Truth.