Thursday, March 9, 2006


Sometimes I am shocked at how different my views are from others. Take this story for example. "One B.C. school had a camera installed to monitor the principal's office after the windows were broken 15 times." I wonder if it occured to anybody that the principal might be fucked up. Ear plugs don't make engine knock go away. Pain killers don't heal you. Pings, pain and broken windows are signs that something is wrong. Fix it. And if after your best efforts the students still want to break your windows we will replace you with somebody our children don't metaphorically want to kick the shit out of.

Talk about freedom of expression. If somebody hates you they will find a way to let you know. Mr. Principal, do you have somebody escort you to your car? I would start. Or I would give students another method of tell you why they are willing to destroy their own property to get the point across. Because it is partly theirs. If it has to be replaced it will affect their lives. If it is not replaced it will affect their learning environment. And, yes, kids can put these things together. I'm slowly finding it is exactly this sort of thing that kids understand better than us grown ups. They understand how their actions affect their environment. They understand the value of feedback. They understand the difference between a show of strength and actual strength.

Take a lesson. Make a note when they tell you 15 times there is a problem they think you can fix. Then fix it.


Links: Island high school getting surveillance cameras after vandalism

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