Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Tyranny of Traffic Lights

I just got my first moving violation.

I was on my way back from a Canadian Unity Council discussion on the Atlantic Canadian brain drain. I was seated at a table with a few managers, a lawyer and the like. I started off slow dropping points where I felt the need, but most of the discussion questions seemed rather silly or irrelevant so I didn't feel a need to say much. I suppose what I did say made an impression though because eventually my opionion was expressly solicited. When I got the table away from the discussion questions ideas started to fly. Education for entrepreneurs, trade strategies, how use government to encourage a stable environment for commerce rather than regulate it. It was beautiful. But then, of course, the report of the discussion was based on the questions so none of the magic was reported. Bah! At least I know I can captivate an audience of respectable people.

Then I ran a red light. The nearest cars were 30 seconds away. One of them just happened to be a cop. Even the cop said it looked safe to go but had to issue me a ticket. He also seemed to give me more detail than he had to about bringing it to court. What I did was safe. And waiting for the light would have made those cars have to stop unnecessarily. So waiting for the green would have been less productive. What are laws for if not to promote safety and productivity? It seems like a forest for the trees kind of thing. I might as well put it on the record.

See you in court.


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