Friday, March 17, 2006

Stuff Part II

I got my first substitute teaching gig yesterday. I taught phys. ed. For someone who holds himself in such intellectual esteem I think I held my own on the badminton court. But those sixth graders can put up a good fight. And so, of course, today half of my muscles are in revolt, but I was able to get back to my regular sleeping pattern. That is getting up just in time for Regis and Kelly (on the west coast).

A few nights a week I also teach an after school computer class. We are getting near the end of the program so there is a push to get loose ends tied up. After a few glib, though well spirited, remarks one of the students said, "You are not a very good grown-up." And so I accepted the invitation to review my day, and in the end I agreed. There were also a few small things I had done that morning that I wouldn't have had I my wits about me.

Though I like to think the redeeming factor is that he felt comfortable telling me he thought I had made a mistake. And I like to think adequate sleep will address the issue. I don't foresee the students breaking any windows on my behalf.



  1. hahaha, I didn't even know that you taught... Good stuff!!!

  2. Hey! My name is Ashley Johnston also!!! Its so cool to find someone with the same name!! HAHA

  3. Ashley! You're the swimmer from NJ right? I usually get a few hits a week from people looking for you. Do you have a blog? doesn't want to work?