Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh my, UPEI

UPEI is in the news again. This time with the possibility of a teacher strike. I hope the significance of this is recognised. It is a demonstration of the separability of the professors and the administration. They have showed they are two independant bodies with different goals.

Myself being a youth, I still see the University from the perspective of the student. I hope the Student Union takes this opportunity to demonstrate their independance from the administration while it is in a compromised position and cannot acutely retaliate for such a display. After the 'toon situation I think such a display is sorely needed.

Ideally I would like to get UPEI out of the national presses to let recent events fade into archive, at least in the national consciousness. I think Ryan Gallant is smart enough to find a way to make a local statement without drawing national attention, but I wonder if he has the foresight, among other things.


Links: Strike vote at UPEI

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