Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Official Word

The idea of corporations having 14th amendment rights as persons as been a topic of considerable discussion lately. Mainly by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis on the north side of the border. I have heard on many occasions a company referred to as a virtual person but offices seem to be filling the role even more so, though not in the legal sense. More and more though I am seeing the office referred to the same even if the person filling it has changed.

Just a thought now.. What if the office was treated as a person legally. That way if the CEO screwed up in his role of CEO and this virtual persons freedoms were limited that would hurt the entire company. That would make the entire company do more to keep high level officials in line, or at least on the right side of the law. ..Perhaps more on that later.

Back on track.. Considering how we use offices to refer to virtual people, consider what it means to have the word 'official' become synonymous with 'valid'. This would suggest that flesh and blood people are now invalid.

And in day to day happenings it certainly feels that way. It is very hard to get anything diplomatic done if you are not working as the arm of something bigger and strictly organized. Though I can understand the stability of such a system it seems like a shame to relegate real people to second class status in a system created by us.


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