Wednesday, February 1, 2006

David Weale

I've never met David Weale but I have heard his name enough times in a favourable light to have a great respect for him. When I first heard about a professor offering a 70% mark if they agreed not to attend class I remember thinking how glad I was to have shaken myself free from UPEI. When I found out it was Weale I was doubly so. His involvement means it is not an acute problem. His name alone suggests to me the administration had feedback, time and oportunity to fix the problem and it still put professors in situations like the one Weale found himself in.

The university is an integral part of PEI so it is sad to see it in such a state, but to excuse mistakes is only encouragement for it to degrade further. Most who know me well have heard me rant about UPEI already. I completed two years of a bachelors degree. Each one in a discrete step. The first frustrated me so deeply I put the idea of further education on hold until introspection told me I was ready to try again. But even on my return I found that all effort given to UPEI felt like effort wasted. I had assumed I was some how incompatible with the idea of university rather than UPEI specifically, but now I have further reason to wonder.

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