Friday, January 27, 2006


  • Give thanks for sustenance.

  • Give thanks for requested deeds.

  • Give thanks for organizing efforts.

  • Give thanks for public appreciation.

  • Give thanks for private critique.

  • Give thanks for reminders to give thanks.

Rather than making resolutions sometimes I like to make tools, like lists or mnemonics, to make it easier to do what I think I should be doing. The above list reflects some of the thinking I have been doing lately about what I have been spending my attention on and what I should be spending my attention on. The things that made it on the list were things that happen frequently that could be handled in a variety of ways, but I wanted to make a bit of an extra effort to show appreciation.

I tried to leave the items ambiguous so that I could decide over time what they mean to me. This way I can edit the meaning of the list without editing the list itself. This is important with respect to the last item: Give thanks for reminders to give thanks. By putting in this item, making the list public and keeping it stable I'm experimenting with having the list come alive, so to speak.

The last item says that I will thank anybody who quotes an items from the list to me. This way it will be harder to forget about this peticular list. It also gives people a small incentive to read the list and see what it is I am trying to encourage. So making me more subject to its principles.


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