Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Strategic Departure

Usually it is the little things that tell me things are going to hell. Like I expect the entery level cashier not to care about my critique, but I look for any sign that they appreciate the proprietor might. I usually find none. Maybe they wouldn't care. I would have a problem with this too.

But today it was a little thing that made me smile. A car (Brown) wanted to turn left through a queue of cars (Black) as I (Grey) was approaching. I stopped with about 5 meters between me and the next car (Green) as to signal to Brown I would let her go. She got the idea. Then a surprise. I saw Green's reverse lights come on. Green backed up to let Brown make the left turn. It may seem small but I have never seen it happen before. I probably wouldn't have thought to do it.

It was a strategic depature from the norm for the good of the whole. I like to stress a healthy disrespect for convention... healthy disrespect. I do see the need for conventions. They make things predictable and offer order and structure where there would otherwise be none. But in situations like this where depature costs nothing and returns something it makes sense to deviate. At least one person agrees with me. Thanks Green.

And to the lady in the Explorer on Euston. Yeah, I had my signal on. You were right to think I was turning. I shouldn't have honked at you for cutting me off.


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