Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Screw the leaders

These are the choices Islanders have to make for the 39th general election. THESE are the decisions. It doesn't have to be about the leaders. I want every Islander to be represented in the House of Commons by somebody that can protect and fight for their interests. So consider this scenario: Joe Smith from Party X is elected to the House. Party X leader Jane MacDonald wants do something that is bad for Joe's Community. What does Joe do? Sounds like a tough question, eh? But I submit it is easy if you are Joe. The answer is to follow whoever got you to the House. If it was the people follow the people; if it was the party follow the party.

If you vote for a candidate because of who they are, and not the line they tow make sure you let them know, or it is all for nought. The party line can be a very small part in a parliamentarians decision making process.

This is to say if you want to be represented put down the Globe and Mail. Turn off The National. Go have a conversation with a person.


GILLIS, Don (Conservative)
MacAULAY, Lawrence (Liberal)
PERRY, Edith (N.D.P.)


CHISHOLM, Andrew J. (Marijuana Party)
DAUGHTON, David Lobie (Green Party)
DeBLOIS, Tom (Conservative) (Can the man not take a good picture?)
JUDSON, Baird (Christian Heritage Party)
MURPHY, Shawn (Liberal)
POLLARD, Brian (N.D.P.)


GUERGIS, Edward (Conservative)
MATSUSAKI, Ron (Green Party)
McGUIRE, Joe (Liberal)
NESBITT, Michael (Independent)
RUSSELL, Regena Kaye (N.D.P.)


EASTER, Wayne (Liberal)
LABCHUK, Sharon (Green Party)
MARSHALL, George (N.D.P.)
NOBLE, George (Conservative)

Please contact me for errors or omissions.


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