Monday, January 16, 2006

Busy day

I can hardly believe it. My first weekday of unemployment and I'm pleasantly exhausted.

The day started out with phone calls and emails. Letting people know that I now had time that I wasn't planning on wasting. I got a volunteer gig coordinating a forum on environment and energy. That sounds like it is going to be an experience. Reports will follow.

Then scanning some old email I found a notice about Harper's rally at the Rodd Charlottetown. Again a few phone calls to make sure I had company. Thanks Nicole. Turns out Dita was going to be there too. I did what I could to dissuade them from displaying their Shawn Murphy buttons while inside the rally. I thought there were plenty of protesters outside. Though not so many as to not have any spare room. I had never been to a rally before. Though it was as I had expected. Stump speeches and noise makers. A few signs too. I left with a smile on my face.

Next was the Charlottetown candidates's debate. (Podcasts here) What a debate. Seriously, WOW. I like to consider myself the objective observer but David Daughton showed them all how it was done. Perhaps it was debate prep, perhaps he is a gifted speaker, or maybe good sense prevailed but all the others got a lesson. Every address was concise and articulate, wise though understandable, and innovative though practical. I think I am a fan. If I don't seem him speak again I will be disappointed.


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  1. thank you for hanging out with us at the big event.. was good times.