Thursday, January 26, 2006

Artificial Accounting

Rebuttal to 0wning Your 0wn Data.
...if an organization sells your information (or allows it to be stolen!) that you should be compensated… preferably monetarily.
Most systems naturally account for certain things. The current information markets, for example, account for information put into the system, the user's awareness of how this is used and others.

To have the users be compensated monetarily would require an artificial accounting system. A system that tried to measure the inputs and outputs of the information markets and rebalance any injustices. (The graduated tax system is a good example) I wish to point out that these are rarely a satisfactory solution in themselves.

Firstly it takes extra attention to account artifically which may or may not be returned by encouraging a more effective natural system. For systems that we do not understand very well, such as information markets, many of the functions of the artificial accounting system must be arbitrary as we don't have to tools to derive effective functions. These arbitrary functions leave loop holes to be exploited by those who better understand the natural systems.

And so
The game begins. As the tax system is recalibrated every fiscal year to influance capital flows, your information too would still be at the mercy of those who understand it best. A monetary compensation system in place would put money in your pocket. But you trying to put money in your pocket gives the administrators another tool to control your information.

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