Monday, December 26, 2005


It has been a long time since I tried blogging but this is not my first go at it. This time I am trying to consider slightly more sophisticated questions like the amount of voyeurism to allow, the amount of unqualified abstraction and I'm paying slightly more attention to marketing. I would like this thing to read as honest, interesting and productive. This is harder than I thought it would be. Even honest is hard. Not that I am dishonest but to tell the whole truth.. to the potential of the whole internet.

For Christmas, for example, my brother got me a Wal Mart gift certificate. It was a nice thought and all but I guess he never heard my "Wal Mart is evil" rant, and it didn't feel like the time to tell him. But I have since told this story to a number of others.

But I supposed it gives a window into what public life, political or merely celebrated, must be like. I'm trying to consider the reactions of all the people who might read it (yeah, that is dificult). I assume that will become easier if I start getting a few regular readers. That way I can try writing for them rather than the entire blogosphere.

To Communities!



  1. yeah.. I love my blog.. I hope it's up and running again soon :-P

  2. I'll put you back on my blogroll when 'hello dita' is back up. Probably at the end of the month when your transfer resets.